Differences Between Rolex Submariner Replica Vs Real

Let’s see how interesting this differences between Rolex Submariner replica vs real article will end up being and how you guys will like it. I’m sure there’s still a ton of you guys out there trying to find guidance towards the best replica watches and I’m very sure that the Rolex Submariner replica covers the area of best fake watches interest quite a lot. It’s by far the most popular fake watch model because the original is by far the most well known watch on the planet. Let’s look into some side by side details on the differences between Rolex Submariner replica vs real.

Rolex Submariner

I grabbed some pics and put them side by side for a good idea of what we should look at when buying Rolex replica and any other replica watches for that matter. The big picture details on the Submariner are easy as in on the black dial, black bezel above the bracelet is fully brushed on the original. The rest looks and is pretty spot on but to a very knowledgeable person that will be a give-away.


I’m finding it way easier to pass for originals the two-tone Rolex fake watches. Check out the pics below to see why. They’re easier to pass for originals because those two-tone features are usually better replicated and the yellow gold plating just gives them a more legit feel than the simple single metal pieces. Check out the blue dial blue bezel piece below to see that the Fake Rolex on the right looks as legit as the real one on the left. All the inner bracelet links, bezel edge, markers and hands look more legit in this case.


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